Health Regulations:

  1. Animals 6 months old or older to be tested negative for Brucellosis within 90 days of exhibition or originate directly out of a Validated Herd, with Validation number and date of last test shown on certificate (barrows exempt from brucellosis testing, but must be Pseudorabies tested.)
  2. Animals to be tested negative for Pseudorabies regardless of age within 90 days of the exhibition on a test approved by the state veterinarian or originate directly out of a Qualified Pseudorabies Free Herd with Qualified Herd number and date of last test shown on certificate.
  3. Free of other contagious, infectious, and communicable diseases (erysipelas, atrophic rhinitis, etc.); otherwise, they will not be allowed to show and will be released from the fairgrounds.
  4. All hogs should have an official federally recognized USDA 840 tag in one ear. The old, button Arkansas premise tags should not be used as they are not official USDA tags. The tags must be electronic.


  1. Exhibitors must comply with all Exhibitor, Livestock and Swine Show Rules.
  2. Exhibitors must comply with all Federal and State Livestock Regulations.
  3. Exhibitors must provide hanging dishes and/or nipple waters while their hogs are at the fair.

General Market Animal Rules:

  1. Market animals must attend one of the JCF market animal weigh-ins at the beginning of the summer.
  2. Market animals must have JCF ear tag. If ear tag is lost, exhibitors must notify the Livestock Superintendent to receive a replacement tag. Animals must have JCF ear tag to show.

Entry Forms

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