Items must be pieced or quilted by the individual entering the quilt. (Except for item #29 and #36 must belong to the individual/group entering the quilt.) Entries must have three layers to qualify as a quilt and must include the pattern name or description. Quilts must have a separate binding and pressed. Soiled items will not be accepted. No loose threads.

Special Quilt Awards: In addition to the Reserve Awards, the Johnson County Quilters’ Guild will present three additional awards. These will be two Viewers’ Choice Awards (one youth and one adult) to be recognized with a ribbon, and one Quilters Guild Choice Award to be recognized with a ribbon and $25. The Viewers’ Choice Awards will be chosen by popular vote on any finished quilt item. The Quilters’ Guild Choice Award will be chosen by a panel of members from the Johnson County Quilters’ Guild and will be based on excellence of craft of any finished quilt item.



  1. Hand Appliqued Quilt
  2. Hand Applique Quilt Top
  3. Other Method
  • Yo-yo
  • Cathedral window
  • T-shirt
  • Any other method
  1. Machine Appliqued Quilt
  2. Machine Appliqued Quilt Top
  3. Hand Pieced Quilt/Hand Quilted
  4. Hand Pieced/Machine Quilted
  5. Hand Pieced Quilt Top
  6. Machine Pieced/Hand Quilted
  7. Machine Pieced/Machine Quilted
  8. Machine Pieced Quilt Top
  9. Baby Quilt – Hand
  10. Baby Quilt Top – Hand
  11. Baby Quilt – Machine
  12. Baby Quilt Top – Machine
  13. Baby Quilt – Hand Pieced/Hand Quilted
  14. Baby Quilt –Machine Piece/Hand Quilted
  15. Baby Quilt – Hand Pieced/Machine Quilted
  16. Other Quilt – Hand
  17. Other Top – Hand
  18. Other Quilt – Machine
  19. Other top – Machine
  20. Tacked Quilt
  21. Tacked Baby Quilt
  22. Wall Hanging-with sleeve or tab
  23. Embroidered Quilt
  24. Embroidered Quilt Top
  25. Hand Quilted Pillow
  26. Group Quilt (made by 2 or more people)
  27. Miniature Quilt (16” x 16” or smaller)
  28. Patriotic Item
  29. Preprinted Fabric/Kit
  30. Table Runner
  31. Doll Quilt
  32. Kit Quilt
  33. Miscellaneous (not a duplicate of class above)
  34. Vintage Quilt (made before 1950) display only