1. No loose, long threads on sewn items, cross stitch articles, rugs or latch hook articles.
  2. Latch hook articles must have finished edges.
  3. Items must be clean.
  4. Framed items must be ready to hang with a standard picture wire hanger. No saw-tooth hangers, soft drink tab hangers, string, twist-tie, or filament hangers will be accepted. Items meant to be displayed by hanging must have a device by which to hang the item (above framed entry rules apply). No size limit on framed, ready to hang cross-stitch pictures. 
  5. Will accept sets of cross-stitch pictures and pillow cases (embellished items only).

Section 1: Home Furnishings (sewn items only)


  1. Rug, any type (no longer than 4’)
  2. Placemat & table napkin (1 ea)
  3. Tablecloth
  4. Casserole Cover or Carrier
  5. Pillow, pieced
  6. Pillow, solid panel w/ruffles or cord
  7. Pillow, solid panel w/o ruffles or cord
  8. Pillow Case (plain)
  9. Quillow
  10. Wall Hanging (no longer than 3’)
  11. Padded Album/Picture Frame
  12. Any type sewn baby item.
  13. Guest Towel
  14. Christmas Item
  15. Potholders, towels, ect.
  16. Patriotic Item
  17. Table Runner
  18. Miscellaneous (not a duplicate of class above)

Section 2: Needlework Techniques


  1. Bed Spread/Finished Quilt Top to be embellished with some type of needlework (twin size only)
  2. Crewel Embroidery Article
  3. Hand Embroidery (framed picture or sampler)
  4. Hand Embroidery Article
  5. Machine Embroidery Article
  6. Swedish Embroidery Item
  7. Ribbon Embroidery Article
  8. Needlepoint Article
  9. Needlepoint on Plastic Canvas
  10. Counted Cross Stitch –Framed Picture or Sampler. Ready to hang w/wire.
  11. Counted Cross Stitch Article (must be embellished with needlework)
  12. Hand Appliqued Article
  13. Machine Appliqued Article
  14. Candlewick Article
  15. Smocked Article
  16. Teneriffe Article (Chicken Scratch)
  17. Latch Hook Article
  18. Tatted Article
  19. Trapunto Article
  20. Christmas Stocking (must be embellished with some type of needlework)
  21. Placemat & 1 Napkin (any type of needlework)
  22. Pillowcase (embellished with any type of work)
  23. Pin Woven Article
  24. Hand Woven Article
  25. Chenille Item
  26. Patriotic Item
  27. Miscellaneous (not a duplicate of class above)