Market Goat

Superintendent: Bonnie Ahrens


4-H or FFA Members Only

  1.  At weigh in, Market Goats must have all of their baby teeth or they will be disqualified and released from the fairgrounds.
  2. At weigh in, Market Goats must weigh a minimum of 40 lbs. and not exceed 150 lbs.
  3. Market Goats may be male or female, male goats must be castrated.
  4. Female Goats that show in the Market Goat Class are ineligible to show in the Boer Goat Show or the Dairy Goat Show.
  5. Market Goats may be de-horned or horned; All Goats with horns must have their horns tipped, NO SHARP POINTS.
  6. All Market Goats must be freshly shorn or clipped. Hair should me no more than 3/8 inch long on the entire body above the knees and hocks. Clipping of heads and tails is left to the exhibitor’s discretion.
  7. Bracing of Market Goats is at the judge’s discretion.
  8. Classes for Market Goats are determined after the weigh in of all goats and will be divided as evenly as possible by number of entries at fair time.
  9. Market animals must attend one of the JCF market animal weigh-ins at the beginning of the summer.
  10. Market animals must have JCF ear tag. If ear tag is lost, exhibitors must notify the Livestock Superintendent to receive a replacement tag. Animals must have JCF ear tag to show.

Entry Form


  • Weight Classes – Ribbons
  • Grand and Reserve Champion – Rosette & Sponsored Prize