Market Hog


Superintendent: Herman Ahrens

4-H & FFA Members Only

  1. Show is open to barrows and gilts.
  2. All current health standards must be met.
  3. All hogs must have been born in 2021.
  4. Minimum weight 160 lbs.
  5. Maximum weight 300 lbs.
  6. Classes for Market Hogs are determined after the weigh in of all eligible hogs and will be divided as evenly as possible by number of entries at fair time.
  7. All female Market Hogs are allowed to enter the Commercial Gilt Class with the stipulation that those which are shown in both classes will earn premium points for which ever class they place highest.
  8. Market hogs must meet the characteristics of body shape that are typical of commercial swine.  Hogs exhibiting feral or boar characteristics are not eligible for the market hog class.
  9. Market animals must attend one of the JCF market animal weigh-ins at the beginning of the summer.
  10. Market animals must have JCF ear tag. If ear tag is lost, exhibitors must notify the Livestock Superintendent to receive a replacement tag. Animals must have JCF ear tag to show.

Entry Form


  • Weight Classes – Ribbons
  • Grand and Reserve Champion Rosette and Sponsored Prize