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4-H & FFA Members Only

Any junior exhibitor of livestock is eligible to participate in a division of the showmanship contest. The contestant or his/her immediate family must own the animal intended for show so that he/she knows its strong and weak points, and how it can be exhibited to the best advantage.

  1.  All recipients of Sponsored Prizes must personally thank or send a note of thanks to the sponsor for their award.
  2. Little Tyke Showmanship Classes is a special class for the younger family members of our livestock exhibitors. Little Tykes are youth who are 8 years old or under on the date of the show. Parents of Little Tykes must register them with the Superintendent prior to the start of showmanship division. This show is optional and assembled at the discretion of the Superintendent for each category.  All Little Tykes will receive participation awards.


  • Cattle Showmanship
  • Goat Showmanship
  • Sheep Showmanship
  • Swine Showmanship
  • Rabbit Showmanship
  • Horse Showmanship

Classes are assigned by the age of the exhibitor; as of the date of the show.


  • Little Tyke Showmanship ages 8 and under
  • Junior Showmanship – ages 9 – 13 years
  • Senior Showmanship – ages 14 – 19 years


  • Little Tykes receive participation awards
  • Junior & Senior Youth Showmanship Winners receive Sponsored Prizes


  1. Any open exhibitor is eligible to participate in the open division showmanship.  The contestant must own the animal intended for show and must have participated in their respective breed show.
  2. Exhibitors eligible for this show are only those that cannot show in their respective age groups in the 4-H and FFA showmanship and must have shown in the Open Breeding Show.
  3. Exhibitors must be a citizen or registered voter in Johnson County.