Premium Auction

Coordinator: Tiffany Jordan

The Livestock Premium Auction is a tradition of County Fairs across the Nation. It is an established reward system honoring young people for the efforts they made to grow and show quality livestock. Through their efforts they have learned leadership, agricultural skills and the value of hard work. Since no animals actually sold in this auction the term “premium” is used to denote a cash award given by members of our community to these hard working kids.

We invite the public to participate in the rewarding of Johnson County 4-H and FFA Members. After each sale a period of “Add-On” monies takes place this is when a supporter can pledge smaller dollar amounts to individual kids. If you are interested in bidding or ‘adding-money’ at the auction please register at the Auctioneers Table prior to the start of the sale.


6:00 p.m. – Start of Sale: Introductions, Scholarships, and Sale Details
6:15 p.m. – First Animal in the ring

  1. Sale order will be Grand Champion, Reserve Champion, and Class winners set by the judge of the individual shows.
  2. Exhibitors will be limited to sell only one (1) animal in the livestock premium auction in order to cut the number of animals down to a minimum and save time.
  3.  Exhibitors must notify the department Superintendent immediately which animal he/she plans to sell in the premium auction so that auction information sheets may be compiled for the buyers in a timely manner. These auction sheets will be used to solicit add-on money this year. Each exhibitor will have his information published and passed out to the buyers who will write amount of add-on they are giving onto the exhibitors’ sheet. Public announcements of add on money awards will be made while photos are being made.
  4. Sale order sheet and add on sheets will be provided to the buyers at the meal and additional sheets will be made available to the public attending the sale.  The front of the sheet will be the sale order, and the back will contain names with spaces for add on money.
  5. Animals will sell by dollar ($) amounts, not price per pound.
  6. Add on money will be tabulated and given to the treasurer.  Individual amounts will not be announced while the sale is taking place.
  7. The only individuals in the ring during the sale will be the auction committee members, the auctioneer, the ring persons (set by the auction committee), the treasurer, and the exhibitor.  All buyers will be placed on the outside of the ring, or a barrier will be placed between them and the animals on the inside of the ring for their protection.
  8. Exhibitors will be instructed to be in the ring following conclusion of the auction.  After one attempt to gather them for the picture, the picture will be taken even if everyone is not in it.
  9. All auction participants must send thank you notes to their respective buyers or present the buyer with a thank you gift at the time of the auction. These must be verified by a member of the Fair Board or premium money will not be awarded.
  10. Eligible Livestock for Premium Auction: Market Steers, Market Goats, Market Lambs, Market Hogs, Grand Champion and Reserve Meat Pen Rabbits, Grand Champion and Reserve Fryers, Grand and Reserve Champion 4-H Pullet Chain Chickens, Grand Champion Beef Cattle Breeding Bull, Grand Champion Beef Cattle Breeding Female, Grand Champion Commercial Heifer, Grand Champion Breeding Goat, Grand Champion Commercial Meat Doe, Grand Champion Breeding Swine Male, Grand Champion Breeding Swine Female, Grand Champion Commercial Gilt, Grand Champion Breeding Sheep Male, Grand Champion Breeding Sheep Female, Grand Champion Commercial Ewe.