Health Regulations

  1. All cattle must have certificate of registration within the specified breeds herd register. These must be presented at time of check in, along with health papers.
  2. Any cattle not having a certificate of registration will either be entered as a commercial entry, if the exhibitor is a junior, or will be disqualified, if the exhibitor is open.
  3. Negative Brucellosis test within 90 days prior to exhibition for females and bulls 18 months of age and over. All heifers that have calved or are bred must be tested. Animals originated from a Certified Brucellosis Free Herd, and Certified Free Herd number is shown on certificate are exempt. If Arkansas is a Class Free State; Arkansas cattle are exempt from testing.
  4. All heifers that are 4-12 months of age shall be vaccinated before entering show.
  5. Heifers that were born on or after Jan. 1, 1985 that are twelve (12) months of age and are not official calf hood vaccinated will not be allowed to show (unless they are from a Brucellosis Certified Free Herd).

General Rules for all cattle shows

  1.  Exhibitors must comply with all Exhibitor, Livestock and Cattle Show Rules.
  2.  Exhibitors must comply with all Federal and State Livestock Regulations.
  3. Cattle showing evidence of illness, disease, parasite or malnourishment will be released and must be immediately removed from the fairgrounds.
  4.  Bulls 6 month old and older must be shown with a nose ring or spring clip and chain lead.
  5. Cattle and calves are to be shown with a halter, broke to lead, well groomed and presented in the best possible manner.
  6. No nurse cows are allowed in the barns. All calves must be weaned. The only exception to this rule is if you are showing a cow/calf pair.
  7. Only registered animals are allowed to show against registered animals starting with individual classes up through Supreme Overall Champions.
  8. Premium points will be paid for all placements.

General Market Animal Rules:

  1. Market animals must attend one of the JCF market animal weigh-ins at the beginning of the summer.
  2. Market animals must have JCF ear tag. If ear tag is lost, exhibitors must notify the Livestock Superintendent to receive a replacement tag. Animals must have JCF ear tag to show.

Entry Forms