1. Handmade craft or kit items accepted. No Legos or K’nex. No food constructed items.
  2. Exhibits must be original work of the exhibitor and not previously shown at the Johnson County Fair.
  3. Youth entries in this department will be divided into three age categories: (Age 5-8)(Age 9-13)(Age 14-19). At the judge’s discretion, Sweepstakes and Reserve Sweepstakes may be awarded in each age group.
  4. Framed entries must be ready to hang with a standard picture wire hanger. No saw-tooth hangers, soft drink tab hangers, string, twist-tie, or filament hangers will be accepted. Picture wire securely attached to a saw-tooth hanger by the exhibitor will be accepted. Items meant to be displayed by hanging MUST have a device by which to hang the item (above framed entry rules apply).
  5. Items may have stitching, but should not be duplicates of other classes listed in another section of this catalog.
  6. Ceramic and Pottery Craft items must be fired (not a bought item that has been painted)
  7. No live insects.

IMG_2673Section 1: Youth Crafts


  1. Pencil Holder
  2. Stick Craft (popsicle, match, toothpick, clothespin).
  3. Sand, Seed, Button, or Pasta Art
  4. Insect Collection (10 Items or less)
  5. Insect Collection (more than 10 items)
  6. Pipe Cleaner
  7. Dough Art
  8. Computer Art
  9. Modeling Clay
  10. Foam Art
  11. Doll House
  12. Bird House
  13. Miscellaneous (not a supplicate of class above)

Section 2: Adult & Youth Crafts


  1. Handcrafted Toy (not stuffed)
  2. Handcrafted Doll (stuffed)
  3. Ready-Made Doll, etc. (with handcrafted decoration or clothing)
  4. Candle – Crafted by Hand
  5. Decorated Candle
  6. Plaster Craft
  7. Ceramic Article
  8. Pottery Article
  9. Rock Painting
  10. Decoupage Article
  11. Tole Pointing on Metal or Wood
  12. Paper Craft/Origami (Japanese Paper Folding)
  13. Cards or Stationary (Stamped-glittered, etc.)
  14. Decorated Basket or Box
  15. Decorated Clothing Article (must be on coat hanger, no needlework or sewn applique)
  16. Handcrafted Jewelry
  • Barrettes
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Anklet
  • Rings
  • Misc
  1. Wreath or Swag
  2. Wall Hanging
  3. Artificial Arrangement
  4. Hand-Woven Basket
  5. Corn Husk Craft
  6. Carved or Tooled Leather Item
  7. Metal Work Article (tin, copper, brass, etc.)
  8. Homemade Soap
  9. Plastic Canvas
  10. Assembled Kits
  • Model Automobile
  • Ship
  • Wood Item
  • Christmas Item
  • Seasonal Item
  1. Handmade Christmas Tree Ornament
  • Beaded
  • Fabric
  • Needlework
  • Other
  1. Christmas Decoration (not a tree ornament)
  2. Seasonal Decoration (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc)
  3. Patriotic Item
  4. Household Accessory
  5. Tied Fleece Blanket
  6. Tied Fleece Pillow
  7. Beaded Item
  8. Glass Item
  9. Gourd (painted)
  10. Paper Mache
  11. Macrame
  12. Decorated Tote Bag
  13. Polymer Clay
  14. Decorated Picture Frame
  15. Decorated Terra Cotta Pot
  16. String Art (no larger than 8”x10” ready to hang)
  17. Duct Tape Art
  18. Miscellaneous (not a duplicate of class above)

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