Health Requirements:

All sheep must be scrapie tagged or tattooed as required by the Arkansas State Veterinarian and the USDA Scrapie Eradication Guidelines.


  1. Exhibitors must comply with all Exhibitor, Livestock and Sheep or Lamb Show Rules.
  2. Exhibitors must comply with all Federal and State Livestock Regulations.
  3. Sheep showing evidence of illness, disease, parasite or malnourishment will be released and must be immediately removed from the fairgrounds.
  4. All sheep will be shown in hand. Exhibitors 11 years old and under may show sheep in a halter and lead line for added control.
  5. It is preferred that all sheep are shorn off-site. If shorn at the fairgrounds, ask the Superintendent for a designated area, and the area must be cleaned immediately.

General Market Animal Rules:

  1. Market animals must attend one of the JCF market animal weigh-ins at the beginning of the summer.
  2. Market animals must have JCF ear tag. If ear tag is lost, exhibitors must notify the Livestock Superintendent to receive a replacement tag. Animals must have JCF ear tag to show.

Entry Forms